This is our most wanted course. Named after God Zeus (father of mortals and immortals) it gives you a ‘divine’ sense of Greece as it combines archaeological sites, short cruises to picturesque islands, idyllic landscapes, shopping in the best street markets and the chance to walk at leisure on promontory capes and sandy beaches. It is a 24-day course where you get the chance to have classes in the morning on any chosen language and improve your skills in the evening through practice with locals or tourists.


Start day: First Monday of each month (May 2020-October 2020).
Duration: 24 days
Venue: Athens, Suburbs, Peloponnese & Greek Islands
School where classes are conducted: Syntagma Headquarters (Athens city centre)
Languages Taught: English, Greek.

  • Acropolis Tour
    The Parthenon, Theatre of Dionysus & the Acropolis Museum
  • Tour Of Ancient Agora, streets of Plaka and shopping in Monastiraki Flea Market
  • Shopping in the pedestrian street of Ermou (one of the most upscale shopping strips in the world).
  • A Photo City Tour of the Historical City Centre & tour of Kerameikos (The famous Graveyard of the ancient Athenians)
    Stops at: The Greek Parliament, ‘Grand Bretagne’ hotel, the University and the National Library, the Olympic Zeus’ Columns and finally Kerameikos
  • Visit to Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon.
    Get the chance to experience the Attica Riviera and the Saronic Gulf
  • Visit the Panathinaikon Stadium (where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896), the Olympic Stadium (where the opening and closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games took place) and go on a shopping spree with us in the Attica Mall.
  • Tour of the Ancient Corinth (Acrocorinth) & the Isthmus Canal
  • Tour of Epidaurus (the most famous ancient theatre known for its remarkable acoustics), Nafplio (the first capital of Modern Greece) and Mycenae (the Homeric city of Atreides)
  • Excursion of Poros island
  • Excursion of Spetses island
  • Excursion of Hydra island
  • Excursion of Mykonos island
  • Tour of the castles of Mani (a deserted castle attraction that travels you back in time) and Diros Caves (a spectacular cave complex that takes you to the Neolithic era and even further).
  • Tour of Arachova (a picturesque village and famous tourist resort on the slopes of Mount Parnasssus) and the archaeological site of Delphi. According to an ancient legend Delphi was the centre of the world. We will visit the museum, the sanctuary of God Apollo and the most famous oracle of the ancient world.
  • Visit the archaeological site of Olympia (cradle of the Olympic Games). Make sure to have your camera with you in order to capture the most memorable moments of this tour (the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Stadium, the spot where the torch of the modern Olympic Games is lit and the Archaeological Museum). Then we drive through the plains of Ilia and Achaia until the magnificent bridge that crosses the Corinthian bay from Rion to Antirion and connects the Peloponnese with mainland Greece.


Your experience includes:

  • Field expert/English speaking local guide
  • Area maps
  • Pickup and drop-off
  • Private transportation
  • Parking fees
  • Entry of admission fee
  • Coffee and drinks
  • Local taxes
  • Accommodation (if requested)

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*I give my consent to the processing of my personal data