One of the most famous Greek tragedians, Euripides, once claimed:
"Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves."
We believe in experiencing things, travelling the world, getting to know a nation’s language, culture, mentality, beliefs, spirit and way of life. This is why Real Education Tours have something more to offer than a typical language class. We encourage our students to see, touch, smell, hear and taste. We want them to experience first hand the feeling of meeting people from every part of this world, exchange ideas together, go out for a walk, share a meal, explore a cave together, and visit an archaeological site they have always wanted to see. What is more, this experience takes place in a small Mediterranean country famous for its history, culture, civilization and natural beauties.
Greece has always fascinated the traveler, the visitor, the foreigner even the enemy. It is a country full of contradictions and mysteries but above all it is a country full of light. It has always been the light of wisdom and knowledge, the light of art, freedom, philosophy and democracy that would attract people to visit this small peninsula surrounded by sea and hundreds of islands scattered wherever you decide to look at.
We are motivated by the love our country, our 10-year experience and our conviction that in a globalised society languages can bring people closer, bridge gaps and give them the opportunity to learn and relax at the same time. We have selected the best providers (hotels, sports clubs, leisure centers, transportation companies) and with the assistance of our teaching and administrative staff in 20 self-owned schools we have created courses tailored to your needs and expectations. We love our country, we know every corner of it and we wish to transfer this knowledge to our students creating unforgettable courses for individuals and groups regardless of their age, or language level. Our ambition is to make the difference from typical language schools and at the same time offer the highest quality of service through carefully selected programs that combine language learning and leisure.

Choose now the language you wish to learn or improve and join us on an adventure of a lifetime.



Real Education Tours offers the chance to children, students and adults to visit Greece, the birthplace of democracy and the idyllic seaside landscapes that everybody desires to visit, combining it with learning and practising one foreign language of your choice in our schools and receiving language certification from worldwide – reputation institutions.






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